Santacruz Cano, Javier

Javier Santacruz Cano is Ph.D in Economics, B.A in Economics and Business Administration and MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, having studied in academic centers like the University of Essex (UK) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

Mr. Santacruz is specialized in Macro-Econometrics and Finance. He is the Chief Economist of Think Tank Civismo, Lecturer in Quantitative Finance at the Stock Exchange Studies Institute of Madrid (IEB), Lecturer in Accounting Methods and Fundamental Analysis at the Madrid Stock Exchange (BME Institute), and Visiting Assistant Professor in Economics at different business schools and Universities. Also, he is the Director of the IEB Research Modelling Lab.

Out of academic activities, Mr. Santacruz is specialized in the Chinese economy. He is a senior partner and co-founder of Shijie Shoudu Ltd., a strategic desk based in Beijing, head of Asia-Pacific Research Area in “Catedra China” and fund manager with operations in China since 2012. Also, he is a market strategist and regular collaborator of many national and international media.