Rodríguez Braun, Carlos

Professor of History of Economic Thought at Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and visiting professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala and Universidad Católica Argentina. Professor Rodríguez Braun is a member of the National Academy of Economic Sciences of Argentina, the History of Economics Society, and the Mont Pèlerin Society. His articles have been published in prestigious academic journals such as History of Political Economy, The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, and The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. He is the author of twenty books, among which “Una crisis y cinco errores”, “El liberalismo no es pecado” and “Economía para andar por casa”. He has translated into Spanish the works of Smith, Ricardo, Stuart Mill, Hayek, and Keynes. Professor Rodríguez Braun has published numerous articles in newspapers of Spain, Europe, and America. He is a columnist for La Razón, Expansión, Actualidad Económica and Libertad Digital and a daily commentator for Onda Cero Radio.