Krisztina Pusok

Dr. Krisztina Pusok is the Director of Policy and Research at the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, where she oversees a broad portfolio of policy issues including but not limited to tech policy, healthcare and biotech, labor regulation and the future of work, food tech and agriculture, and immigration. She also regularly publishes on tech, healthcare, and financial policy issues. Her work has appeared in a wide range of outlets including The Hill, Real Clear Policy, Inside Sources, Morning Consult, Cyber Defense Magazine, among others. Krisztina has also testified before state legislatures on issues such as 5G and prescription drug pricing.

Krisztina earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Missouri. She also has a Master’s in International Security Studies from University of St. Andrews in the U.K., as well as a BA in International Relations and International Business from Webster University in Vienna, Austria.