Born and raised in New York, John Prout has spent most of his career in treasury/capital markets; first in New York where he worked 12 years starting at J.P. Morgan; Colgate-Palmolive and Continental Grain and then moving to Europe where he spent the next 22 years as an investment banker in the City of London and Paris and then 10 years in Monaco in asset management.

In 2009 he returned to the US where he established the non-profit Foundation for Fund Governance in Washington D.C. and also worked as an independent consultant to Deloitte Cayman's Fund Restructuring Group. In 2014 he retired to Panama with his Venezuelan-Hungarian wife and now regularly commutes between Hungary and Panama.

In the past he has held a number of board and committee positions with such organizations as the NY International Treasury Club; the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the CBOE and the Philadelphia Stock Exchanges. His other extracurriculars have included founding the Harvard Club of Monaco and in Washington D.C. sitting on the board of the Committee for the Republic and the  Board of Governors  of the City Tavern Club.