Josep Piqué Camps

Josep Piqué has a Degree in Economics and Business Studies with an Outstanding Merit. He is also a PhD in the same subject-matter with an Outstanding Cum Laude as well as a Degree in Law, all at the University of Barcelona. Academically, he has been Lecturer Economic Theory since 1984. He also worked as Senior Economist in the Studies Service of La Caixa from 1984 to 1985.

During his public stage, he has been Minister of Industry and Energy (1996-2000), Government Spokesman (1998-2000), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2000-2002) and Minister of Science and Technology (2002-2003). He has also been Deputy (2000-2003) and Senator (2004-2007) in the Spanish Parliament and Deputy in the Catalan Parliament (2003-2007). President of the Partido Popular de Cataluña (2003-2007).

In the private sector, he was Director and General manager of Corporate Strategy (1988-1991), Managing Director of the Industrial Division (1991-1992) and Chairman and CEO (1992-1996) of the ERCROS Group. Chairman of Vueling Airlines (2007-2013), Vicechairman and CEO of OHL Group (2013-2016), Independent Director of Airbus Group (2011-2014), AENA (2017-2019), Abengoa (2017-2020) and Dominical Director of Alantra Partners (2019-2021). Senior Advisor of BCG (2016-2018).

Currently, he is Chairman of ITPAero, and Independent Director of SEAT and VW Navarra, Amadeus, and Atrys Health.

In the field of civil society, he has been President of Círculo de Economía (1995-1996 and 2011-2013) and Videpresident of Círculo de Empresarios (2015-2018).

Currently, he is President of Spain-Japan Foundation and co-Chairman of the Spain-Japan Forum, Honorary Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, President of the Ibero-american Business Foundation, and Toledo International Center for Peace).

He is also CEO and Publisher of POLITICA EXTERIOR. He has author of a lot of articles and several books, like CAMBIO DE ERA (Editorial Deusto, 2013), ESCUCHA CATALUÑA, ESCUCHA ESPAÑA (Ed. Península, 2017) and EL MUNDO QUE NOS VIENE (Deusto, 2018).