Pietro Paganini

Pietro Paganini serves as Adjunct Professor in Business Administration at Temple, University of Philadelphia, and at John Cabot University. He teaches in the areas of innovation and management.

He has previously held a Researcher and Visiting Lectureship at Karlstad University (Sweden) and served as a Researcher at LUMSA University in Rome.

He holds a Doctorate in Communication and Complex Organizations, a Masters in Multimedia and digital arts, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communication.

He is the Co-founder and Curiosity Officer at Competere – policies for sustainable development – a platform that enhances the public debate for a smarter and more prosperous future. Competere contributes to foster innovation and prosperity by understanding technology and developing the right policies (through research work, advocacy, and communication campaigns for industries and government agencies).

Pietro is the author of “Allenarsi per il Futuro” (2015), and ’Next Privacy’ (2010). His first book “Innovation: from Theory to Territory: Paradigm and Strategies in the Information Society” was published in 2006.

He is a regular contributor to the Italian national newspapers and international publications and media, in which he has continuously advocated for an open society and innovation policies.

He is hosted in many TV and radio talk shows on main Italian and international broadcasters.

He is the founder of For Free Choice, an advocacy platform that supports consumers’ free choice. He was the General Director of Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, the political think-tank after the first Italian President and internationally recognized economist Luigi Einaudi. He was the Founder of the Brussels-based think-tank European Privacy Association and the Italian-based think-tank Istituto Italiano per la Privacy. He is a Board Member of BAIA – Network (Business Association Italy America).

From 2004 to 2008 Pietro held the position of Vice President of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC), the youth movement of the ALDE Party.

Pietro is a Montessori kid and a strong advocate for the Montessori education methodology.

Personal site: pietropaganini.it