Norberg, Johan

Johan Norberg is a classical liberal author, lecturer, and documentary filmmaker, born in Sweden. He is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C. He received his M. A. in the History of Ideas from the University of Stockholm.

His most recent book is “Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future”, a “book of the year” in The Guardian, The Economist, and The Observer, published in 20 countries. In September, his next book is published: “Open: The Story of Human Progress”

His latest documentary is “Sweden: Lessons for America?” and the next one is a critical examination of corporate welfare.

For his work, Norberg has received several awards, including the Distinguished Sir Antony Fisher Memorial Award from the Atlas
Foundation, the Walter Judd Freedom Award, the Julian Simon Memorial Award, and the gold medal from the German Hayek Stiftung.