Kerr, Gordon

Gordon Kerr has a 25-year track record in the black arts of banking; with a particular focus on derivatives, securitization, tax, and regulatory capital arbitrage and inter-bank exposure structures which exploit accounting loopholes such that these exposures are kept off the books of all parties to the transaction.
In 2011 Kerr set up Cobden Partners Ltd, using the brand of the prominent UK think tank The Cobden Centre. Using this brand, Kerr has undertaken education and training assignments, mainly on a pro bono basis, and presented at a range of public and private events and business schools in an endeavor to promote awareness that European banking is such poor shape that it now threatens to fracture the euro itself.

Kerr is a regular lecturer at the Sofia Business School, and also a senior fellow with IREF Europe, and the lead author of their monthly Newsletter on banking and central banking.