Gulácsi, László

László Gulácsi works as a Professor and Head of the Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. He is the head of the Hungarian Office for Health Technology Assessment (HunHTA). By profession he is a physician (Debrec en medical University), having university degrees in programming mathematics (Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences), mathematical economics and sociology (Corvinus University of Budapest), and health economics (University of York).

He received Ph.D. degrees from the Medical University of Amsterdam, Corvinus University of Budapest, Semmelweis Medical University Budapest, and from the Debrecen Medical University. He is qualified in social medicine. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Health Economics (EJHE), the Value in Health Regional Issues (ViHRI) Editorial Advisory Board, the Editorial Board of the Hungarian Medical Journal, and the Society and Economy, Academic Editor PLOS ONE Editorial Board, Health Academy, University of Pécs, Clinical Dermatology Open Access Journal, Associate Editorial and peer reviewer of Dove Medical Press journals. He is the past President of the Health and Health Care Economics Section of the Hungarian Economics Association. To date (April 2017) he (co)authored 278 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, published 12 books, 66 book chapters, and on health economics, public health, health technology assessment, health policy, and quality improvement. He has successfully supervised the completion of 6 Ph.D. thesis and in the process of supervising another 4.