Fortuna, Olesea

Olesea Fortuna – A qualified professional with extensive experience in executive management of various entities, business and institutional development training, and consulting experience of over 14 years.

She has extensive experience in the education of basic entrepreneurship and the organization of her own businesses. Took a direct part in the education of startups in Moldova. Good skills in international project management, organization of conducting different pieces of training, seminars, presentations, round tables, media programs, and conferences, as well as international ones. She has strong experience as a mentor, group coach, experimental trainer based on the expertise provided within multiple international, local, and regional projects. She assists entrepreneurs in creating, launching, and developing businesses. Knowledgeable about financing instruments for businesses at the national and international level she provides in attracting investments and fundraising. She has developed, been involved in projects focused on both international socio-economic development and national level for Moldova (locally, regionally, and nationally run projects). She has inherited her curiosity about various business models in trade and creative industries and has a commitment to support startups through inspiration, education, advocacy, and the implementation of mechanisms to build a friendlier, more constructive, and connected environment for businesses in and outside Moldova.