Matei Dumitrescu

With 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and 8 years in global investments, Matei Dumitrescu has dedicated himself to educating entrepreneurs at the beginning of his career and beyond. 8 years ago he started helping startups in Vienna, and later he became one of the most active people in Romania in entrepreneurship education. In 2019 he founded Commons Accel, a finalist accelerator at the Central European Awards, and in 2020 he founded Smart Impact Capital, a micro investment fund that provides financial support to startups accelerated by its programs and IdEA, the NGO dedicated to educating young entrepreneurs in universities. In 2021, three university acceleration programs began, including RAU Accel, a program organized in collaboration with the Romanian-American University. Currently, Matei is also the Vice President of TechAngels, but also a RocaX Partner. The results are exceptional, and as many young people as possible start a business with much more knowledge and chances of success!