Cristian Păun

Ph.D. Professor to Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of International Business and Economics. His lectures at this university are about International Finance, International Financial Markets and Institutions, International Investments, and International Risk Management. He obtained his Ph.D. with a doctoral thesis on international investment risk management in 2005. He was habilitated to coordinate Ph.D. students in 2017 with a Habilitation thesis on crisis contagion and solutions. Since 2016 is the vice dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics is responsible for research activities. From 2009 he was elected CEO of the Romanian Society for Economics, a professional association of Romanian economists that was created in 1991. He was Executive Director of Research Centre on International Business and Economics between 2012 and 2016. He coordinated as director two national research grants: one project focused on the risk aversion of Romanian investors (2008 – 2009) and one project focused on crisis contagion in Eastern European Countries (2013 – 2015). He wrote more than 60 academic articles published in various local and international academic journals (including 10 ISI ranked articles). He participated as a member of the research team in many research projects coordinate by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies of Romanian Academy. He is a consultant in the field of finance and risk management. Blogger since 2008 and invited to various publications from Romania and various TV shows as an expert on economic problems.