Couturier, Christian

is a hand surgeon. He has created one of the largest private centre of Hand Surgery (SOS HAND) in Trappes in the Yvelines. He also has clinics at the Vauban Medical Space dedicated to sport pathology and osteoarthritis. In 1997, he founded the college of young orthopaedic surgeons to boost youth involvement orthopaedic specialists in the life of their scientific society. He created and leaded for 10 years, the Hand Prevention Network of « Ile de France », organization that helps traumatized hand to rehabilitate the socio- professional level. He has been expert-consultant for the Health Regional Agency of  «Ile De France» and the « Ile de France » coordinator for the Federation of Emergency Services for Hand surgery from 2011 to 2014.

In 2012 he participated in the start-up of the movement “Doctors are not Pigeons” and is the secretary founder of UFML (French Union for a Free Medicine). He left UFML in 2013 and founded in June 2014 Liberté Sociale (Social Freedom). Liberté Sociale is an apolitical association which aim is to save the French social protection in promoting social security reform by introducing «healthy» competition between social organization, in compliance with the Treaties and European recommendations. Liberté Sociale proposes, at first, a reform plan for the self-employed and a generalization of this social new deal.