Capella, Francisco

Francisco Capella holds a degree in Physics from Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and a masters’ degree in Austrian School Economics. A postgraduate student of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering, Mr. Capella has worked as a researcher, engineer, consultant, and lecturer for various companies (Andersen Consulting), organizations (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Madrid, European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center) and universities (Universidad de La Laguna en Tenerife, Rafael Landívar de Guatemala and Alfonso X el Sabio in Madrid).

Mr. Capella has published numerous opinion pieces in digital media and has participated in seminars, conferences, and debates on television and radio. Mr. Capella is self-taught in matters of philosophy, biological and cultural evolution, cognitive science, epistemology, economics, ethics, and liberalism. Founding member of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Francisco Capella is an independent thinker and the creator of the InteLib project.