Luca Bolognini

Luca Bolognini (1979) is one of Europe’s leading privacy experts. Lawyer and President of the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation, founding partner of the international law firm ICT Legal Consulting, with offices in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Melbourne, and partner law firms in other 29 countries. He teaches privacy and data law in universities and master courses in Italy and overseas, and serves as ethics and privacy advisor for several EU Horizon 2020 research projects on smart cities, Big Data, cybersecurity, privacy, and the Internet of Things. Author of many articles for national and international magazines, newspapers, and scientific journals, he has published books and essays with Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre (including the best-seller volume “Il Regolamento Privacy Europeo”, the first Italian commentary on the GDPR), RCS Etas, Corriere della Sera, Rubbettino and Springer. A new Luca’s book has been published during summer 2018: “A.I. Artificial Insanity – Reflections on the resilience of human intelligence”, a pamphlet about digital rights, Big Data law, and impacts of Artificial Intelligence on human lives.